ALLBenchmark Catzilla 4K

Test your computer by watching Catzilla


  • Informative benchmarking
  • Best test video ever
  • Supports large range of hardware


  • Only two tests available
  • Lack of options

Very good

ALLBenchmark Catzilla is a computer benchmarking tool that tests your computer's ability to play games.

The program tests graphics capabilities by running a variety of different tests like stressing the processor and performing physics computation. ALLBenchmark Catzilla mainly tests the decated graphics card in a computer, but can also test integrated graphics.

ALLBenchmark Catzilla has four standard tests for different levels of hardware. By default, you only have access to the "Kitty" and "Cat" tests. These tests are meant for lower powered machines because it only requires 256 MB of GPU memory.

Once you start the test, you see the framerate of the video at the top of the screen. This video is called Catzilla. The first test is a rendered battle between a schoolgirl and Catzilla. It is very over-the-top and makes you want to get better hardware so you can watch it at a decent framerate.

After ALLBenchmark Catzilla finishes the test, it gives you scores from the tests and can offer recommendations to improve your score. The paid version of ALLBenchmark Catzilla unlocks the different test tiers like "Tiger" and "Catzilla" for more strenuous tests.

ALLBenchmark Catzilla is a decent free benchmarking program, but only offers basic levels of testing for the free version.

ALLBenchmark Catzilla - computer performance tests and recommendations

ALLBenchmark Catzilla - computer performance tests and recommendations. The test can analyze if your computer is suitable for latest games or watching HD movies in best quality. Tests are focused to check all computer components simultaneously. After the test, you will receive a certificate indicating your computer's performance in games and recommendations how to improve its performance. Recommendation system - recommendations for software and hardware. The program finds fundamental issues and proposes solution e.g. installing latest drivers, setting the appropriate amount of cache, increase free disk space, change color depth, resolution, changing GPU or CPU for a better one etc.

Checking games The minimum requirements of the game are compared with your computer components during the test, and in this way you'll get an answer, whether the game will run on your computer smoothly and with all the details. Games will be also certified just like computer components and computers, making it much easier to determine how fast computer is required to run them.

For all users that are fond of latest games and would like to try if their computer is good enough to run them.



ALLBenchmark Catzilla 4K

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  • by Anonymous

    Awesome, first benchmark where I can find out if my laptop is good enough to play the game..   More